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What ever event you are organising, from the family wedding, anniversary or corporate event. A race night is a great way for your guests to enjoy something a bit different from your usual or average disco or entertainment.

Race Nights have proved amazingly successful in raising funds for charities,no other event is so versatile and so much fun.

 So what happens at a race night?

 Basically you only bet on a number rather than a horse, it is classified as a lottery rather than betting. In other words it is a game of chance rather than a game of skill and is not governed by the laws of gambling.

A race night is a unique way  to raise funds, and brings all the excitement of an evenings racing to your Club or Charity.


We have a varied selection from the standard Horse or Greyhound to the more exotic Sheep or Pig Races


Our race night package


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Race nights are unique fundraising events where participants can enjoy winning money whilst at the same time raising funds towards your nominated charity.

Our fundraising race nights offer incentives that make it easier to promote and raise funds for your cause. We can help raise money in numerous ways in order to maximise your charity’s donations, these can include the following;
Sponsored Races
Horse Ownership
Ticket Sales
Tote Takings
How it Works
The LMD race staff will arrive and set up equipment in plenty of time. When we are due to start our compere or your own choice for Mc will introduce themselves and explain the format of the evening to the guests. Once the formalities are over and the horses for the first race have been paraded the ‘punters’ will be invited to place their bets at the tote booths provided. When the race is finished and the payout dividend has been calculated and announced the lucky victors will asked to collect their winnings.
A typical Charity Race Night has up to eight races throughout the evening and can be combined with other entertainment to create a fun and exciting fundraising event.
How To Raise Funds.

Event ticket sales at £3 each witha low turn out of fifty = £150 for your club
Sell Horses at £3 each (8x7 races = £168, £56 for your club £112 to winners)
Sell Jockeys at £3 each (8x7 races = £168, £56 for your club £112 to winners)
Sell race sponsorship to local business, provide us with their logo and we can place them on the big screen between races. 8 x £10 = £80 for your club.
Sell race programs at £1 each. We print between 50 and 100 depending on numbers provided by you.
We recoup 50pence per program, you keep the other 50pence. Thats a potential profit of £50 for your club.
So far you have raised £392 and the night hasn't started.
Raising Funds on The Night
Dual Forecast. There are 28 possible outcomes from each race when placing a dual forecast i.e: 1 and 2, 5 and 7 as the horses to come in first or second.
Sell these tickets for £1 each with £18 going to the winner and £10 going to the club.
Over eight races thats £80 for your club.
Win a pint scratch cards, 20 numbered boxes at 50p or a £1 each = £10 0r £20 raised minus the cost of a pint or spirit (your choice). We charge 50pence per scratch card.
Thats a possible £16.50 per card.
Do ten of these on a night and get a possible £165 for your club.
Now to The Important Bit.
 The races themselves. We will assume on the low side that you only have fifty punters.
50 totes at £1 each per race  over seven races = a profit of £140 for your club
The eigth race goes to auction per each horse you sell rights for ownership and jockeys with a 50/50 split between winners and club.
Even if we assume that everyone is a scrouge and each only goes for an average of £10,
that would still raise a wonderful £80 for your clubWith the tote sale acrueing a further £20 for your club.
So without much effort you have raised £877 for your club
Our Fee
Friday to Sunday  £145
Discount available for mid week race nights
We also offer 5 Race & Disco packages from £195.00 which are ideal for presentation nights
All Race night events require a £45 booking deposit to secure event. 

Our Race Card Program (example)

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